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The Self-Knowledge Institute 44Tag was established in 2021 in the city of Hahnstätten, Germany, by a group of enthusiasts of Eastern mysticism and Persian culture and literature, based on the teachings and guidance of Sam Aziz.

Sam Aziz, the founder of the holistic view of Bani Adam-humanity and spiritual guide, are the leaders of a spiritual path with the same name. In this perspective, the entire existence and non-existence is conceived as a single entity in which all beings experience the possibility of existence and enter or exit based on a combination of determinism and free will in different worlds within this existence.

In summary, humans, like other present beings, enter into this dimension, and their true essence transcends this dimension and its contents, which can be called the "Self". The entry of the "Self" into this dimension occurs in a realm of invisibility called potential, which is considered its domain of existence and encompasses its various manifestations such as body, mind, and emotions.

According to Sam Aziz's perspective, what a human needs to attain the enjoyable experience of life is the balance of this potential, and this balance is only achieved when the human recognizes the difference between themselves and their manifestations and does not assume what belongs to them.

Various books on self-knowledge are available in different languages by them.

To purchase the book "Adamual 1" in German, English, or Spanish, follow the links below:

Adamual 1 in German

Adamwäl 1 in English

Adamwäl 1 in Spanish

Over the years, various teachers and mentors have been trained by Sam Aziz, some of whom are now serving as mentors at the 44tage Foundation. The headquarters of this foundation is located in Hanstedt, Germany, and a team of experienced mentors and teachers in the field of self-knowledge have gathered with a common goal: to help people understand who they are not so they can understand who they are. The foundation believes that self-knowledge is the way out of the sufferings of humanity and the achievement of sustainable inner and outer peace.

In the world of 44, rediscover life.

The world of 44 is a virtual place where the services of the ™44tage Foundation are provided to the residents.

These services help the residents initiate change from the very point they are at and come closer to the best version of their authentic and balanced selves by harmonizing their lives and improving its quality.

The 44tage Foundation accompanies you with self-knowledge courses, skill development, and individual and group counseling sessions to step into a mysterious and fascinating world called 44 with the help of mentors and supporters and establish balance on a physical, mental, and emotional level so that you can ultimately come closer to the best version of yourself.

In various courses of the world of 44, you will gain a proper understanding of how phenomena work through practical exercises, step-by-step, and guided steps. This realization leads to the discovery of great secrets about humanity and the universe that will change your world forever.

Truthful, rich, and delightful!

By staying in the world of 44, you will not only benefit from progress in self-knowledge but also from the advantages of living in this world.