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Terms of Use

If you are about to use website, you need to agree with the following terms. This will be applicable right after your first use of the website.


  • Teaching Rules

1. Access to the teachings

Our courses including texts, audios and videos and online meetings, will be available after your registration. Once your payment process is done, you can access the teaching material.


Your courses are available in your dashboard in website. Teaching contents have been designed in a successive order and you can access each session only by doing the previous session and completion of all the assigned practices and activities correctly.

There is no time limitation to use the material and you can access them all day long.

Each lightseeker can use only the course he/she has applied for, and it is not possible to change a course or replace it with another one.

Any attempt to share the texts, videos and audios with others, taking images, recording a video or audio out of the contents or online meetings is illegal and such activities are persecuted and may lead to suspend your account.

To optimize the usage of time, resources, and all of our potential, we record all the meetings Pir attends and we might use this material as our content. It should be noted that we might use the voice or the name of the participants. If you have any objections you need to email us and explain your limitations. We will consider your request, and your name will be removed form the list of Pir meetings.


2. How long can I access the courses?

You will have long-life access to the free teachings. To access the rest of them, you are required to complete all the assigned readings, practices and tasks in a certain time frame. If you fail to complete the session in that time frame, your access to that session will be limited and you will be returned to the beginning of previous session and you are asked to start the session anew.


After enrolling in one of the courses, your access to the world of 44 and its set of facilities and services will be established for one year, after which you will be .able to access and use the services by paying an annual membership fee


3. How to Register

In order to register in the 44tage online courses, you need to create an account and fill the information in the website and then long in to your account.

Never use somebody else’s email or phone number to register in the website and the courses.

You should Not create an account or register for another person or offer your account/course to someone else. The certificate of completion is issued based on your recorded information and they cannot be changed. If you intend to offer the 44tage products to your family or friends, you can use 44 Gift Card, or offer the credit from your account to theirs.

To register in our courses, log in to your account in the website, choose your desired course and push pre-register. Once you finished the payment process, you can access the course in your dashboard.


Payment can be done via Bitcoin, PayPal, bank account of the 44tage Institute in Germany, and 44 Coin.

44tage courses are online only, and they cannot be purchased in DVD or any other format.


4. Assigned practices for each course

To improve the quality of teaching, some practices have been designed for each course. After reading/listening/watching the teachings, you are required to do the assigned practice and send it to your lightkeeper. You will get a score based on your answers.

Accessing the next session is possible only by doing the assigned practices and activities and getting feedback from training team.

It’s not possible to edit or correct the practices after receiving feedback from training team, and if you fail to get the minimum score to continue the course, you will be returned to the beginning of previous session, and you should repeat the session. Accordingly, you are expected to pay high “attention” while doing the practices and make sure to give the right answer.


5. Assessment and scores

The final score is mentioned in the certificate of completion and it is calculated automatically out of the average score of the tests and practices. Therefore, we want you to pay high attention while doing the practices and tests.


6. Certificate of Completion

Certificate of completion will be issued for those how complete the course successfully. What we mean by “successful completion of the course” is to do all the sessions along with the assigned teachings, practices and also passing the final test.


7. Changing the course and refunding the payment

There is no way to change the course or refund the payment in 44tage. Therefore, make sure you’ve done enough research before you register.


8. Connection with the lightkeeper

Connection with the lightkeepers is easily provided for the lightseekers within 44tage online courses. Lightseekers can send their practices to their lightkeeprs in their dashboard and receive feedback. They can also ask their questions in Q&A section. Lightseekers are Not allowed to connect with the lightkeepers outside the 44tage platform. In case we absorb such situations, the course will be removed from the lightseeker’s dashboard.


  • General Rules

While you are using services you are required to follow these rules.

If you disagree with some or all of the rules, you shouldn’t use this website.


1. What is allowed in the website:

Watching and using the artworks, digital publications, music, images, texts, audios and videos under the 44tage copyright, are allowed Only for personal use. (No download, no share).


2. What is Not allowed:

- Sharing any content owned by 44tage, including artworks, digital publications, trademarks, music, images, audios, videos or articles in the internet (websites, file or video-sharing websites and/or other social media platforms)

- Sharing or uploading any content owned by 44tage, including artworks, digital publications, trademarks, music, images, audios, videos or articles via a software or application (such as uploading the content by a software to a server)

- Re-shareing, reproduction or misuse of the artworks, digital publications, trademarks, music, images, audios, videos or articles of 44tage website for commercial use or financial gain (even if there is no financial gain).

- Distribution or publication of content via a software, digital tools or any other technology; more specifically to collect, copy or download the data, HTML, images, videos, audios or texts. (There are free resources in the public section of the websites available without the need to log in, and you can freely download those resources in different formats including PDF, MP3, AAC, MOBI and MP4)

- Using this website or its content, artworks, digital publications, trademarks, music, images, audios, videos or articles for your financial gain (advertising, sponsorship etc.)


  • Membership / Activity rules

1. Commenting and uploading rules:

We love you posting comments and uploading creations. But please don’t do anything horrible, rude or illegal.

More specifically, please don’t post or upload anything that:

· Is inappropriate (abusive, offensive, threatening, disruptive, obscene and promoting pornography, racism, anti-religion – NB: we have a zero-tolerance approach to user-to-user personal abuse)

· Is off topic (to the original content or the current conversation. This includes commenting for the purpose of derailing the conversation with the intention of discussing another topic)

· Contains personal information (either your own or someone else’s)

· Is illegal, or glamorises illegal activity

· Is defamatory (damaging to someone else’s reputation)

· Is in contempt of court (anything that could affect the outcome of court case)

· Infringes anyone’s rights (including privacy rights)

· Isn’t in English (unless we’ve asked you to comment in another language)

· Is an act of identity forgery. Don’t introduce yourself in a different name. If you don’t want to mention your full name, you can simply use your first name, but don’t use a fake name. Don’t use inappropriate or offensive words in your account name.

· Contains spam (don’t post repetitive or similar content)

· Contains internet address (URL) or any links to the content that requires log in, leads to download or may otherwise be unsafe (viruses, spyware, paywalls etc.)

· Has anything to do with election and referendum of a certain country (No campaigning, no sloganeering, no polling, no encouraging others to vote a certain way and no mentions of who you voted for on election day itself)

· Misuses the complaints box. Such attempts may lead to blocking the account of the participant.

· Or doesn’t comply with the rest of our Terms of Use


2. Your account in

If a participant shows disruptive or abusive activities by creating several accounts, all of the accounts of the participant may be blocked. You are required to register with a valid email that you are checking regularly, so that you can stay updated. If one creates an account with a temporary or someone else’s email, their account might be suspended without a warning.

44tage has the right to limit the users for using proxy websites for managing their accounts. We have a same strategy for the users outside the Germany who pretend to be a German user or do any kind of disruptive activities.


3. Legal conditions

Do not post anything irrelative, offensive or illegal in the sections designed for commenting, chatrooms or uploading fields; whether it is a text, image, video or audio file. Posting any creation, image, audio or video which is considered as an illegal activity, or to advertise such activities, is strictly forbidden.

We expect you Not to commit a plagiarism or infringe the rights of 44tage or the third party organizations, including copyright, trademarks, commercial strategies, privacy policy, advertisement, personal and property rights.


5. If you are under the legal age:

Please get your parents’ or protector’s permission before registration in the website.

Do Not mention your own or others’ personal information (such as school, phone number, full name, address or email) without the permission of your parents or protector.


6. If you infringe these rules:

If you infringe the rules, you will receive an email to let you know why your post has been removed or edited. This email is considered as a warning, and if you continue breaking the rules we will block your account. This can be a temporary or permanent suspension or your account or limiting your access to a part or all of the 44tage services.

If you commit an inappropriate, offensive or disruptive activity while using the 44tage services or posting a creation, and it happens again, we may consider this as a serious threat. In such cases we may use your information to stop these activities or if they break any laws, we can refer to the police and other authorities.

We can review, edit, remove or decide not to display any inappropriate post, and if needed, block the problematic accounts.


  • Health Care Suggestions

The information available in the Health Care Suggestions section of the website has been offered only as a suggestion and shouldn’t be considered as medical recommendations, diagnosis, prescription, or medication.

If you have a question regarding a certain disease or medication, you need to call your doctor.

We always try to keep the website's information updated and precise, but we don’t guarantee the accuracy of the information. We don’t take responsibility for the content, and you should take responsibility. This website accepts no responsibility for complaints or damages (such as death, injury, information loss, or job issues) because of using the health care content, whether such complaints or damages are based on a guarantee, promise, and/or contract or not.


  • Limitation of Liability of 44tage

Most of the content and comments which are posted in the chat rooms of are published by the users, otherwise, if they are posted by 44tage staff, it will be clearly mentioned. 44tage is not responsible for the content posted by the users of or any other website linked by We don’t take the responsibility of the content of other websites which have been linked to 44tage.come, and you are responsible for your visit.

The content of including the information, names, images, related logos and symbols, products and services (or these of a third party organization) are offered in the current format according to the law. We do not promise to follow the publication rights or to offer a particular quality or suit a certain purpose,  coordination, security or accuracy (even if it’s declared by the law clearly or implicitly).

We cannot guarantee the performance of the website and its contents and we cannot promise it to be perfect. We always do our best to publish accurate information, but we take no responsibility for possible mistakes, losing the content and technical problems in the website.   

44tage is not responsible for the following possible issues (and it makes no difference if they are predicted, predictable or known etc.):   

a. losing the content

b. losing your expected financial gain

c. job or business loss

d. opportunity loss

e. losing the fame, reputation or good intention

f. issues threatening a third party organization

g. any kind of direct, indirect or occasional damage- regardless of the kind and intensity- which might happen as a result of using website or other services of 44tage institute.  

We cannot guarantee that works constantly and free of mistakes, fix all of the problems, or the commuter service would be free of virus and problem. It’s your responsibility to take required actions and scan and remove the viruses to make sure about the safety of the information you are receiving.


  • Property rights

The creator and owner of this website is 44tage Institute, and 44tage owns all the contents and information of this website, unless the resource will be mentioned.

The trademarks of 44tage,, and belong to 44tage institute.

Adobe, Adobe logo, Acrobat and Acrobat logo, belong to Adobe Systems Incorporated

iTunes and iPod belong to Apple Inc.

Microsoft and all the trademarks of its products such as Microsoft Office belong to Microsoft Corporation.

Android trademark belongs to Google LLC. Android internet robot is a smart application of Google which is uses based on the “License CC BY 3.0”.

Other trademarks belong to their owners.


  • Legal affairs

In the event of any dispute and before any legal or judicial action, it is necessary that the subject of the complaint is notified in writing to the 44Tage Institute. stating the reasons and that efforts be made to resolve the dispute and conciliation. The matter will be reviewed and answered within a maximum of four weeks, and if a complaint is filed against 44Tage outside of this procedure, all costs of the proceedings will be borne by the complainant

according to the law of the state and the county in which these terms are applicable, if any of the terms mentioned in this page are found to be illegal, invalid or. inapplicable - as far as they are known as illegal, invalid or inapplicable by the court-  those terms must be removed, while others remain valid

- delay in or not enforcing the 44tage rights mentioned in our terms, does not deprive of 44tage of its rights.

The English part of is ruled under the law of Germany and should be considered according to the laws of Germany. Rheinland-Pfalz state of Germany is responsible to call up the offenders based on the rules of this website. Legal requests about the rules of this website could be judged in the state court or federal court of Rheilland-Pfalz state.


  • Change of the rules

We are keep working on the development and improvement of our services. Our rules regarding Terms of Use may change according to the changes within the law of a country or developments of technology. If there is a need to change our rules, we will keep you informed and all the changes will be published in this page.


  • Agreement

Terms of Use mentioned above, is an agreement between you and 44tage, and is the replacement of all the former agreements for using 44tage products.