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Privacy Policy

  • What we do with your personal information

While you are using the services of 44tage Institute, we are committed to protecting the personal information of your and your family.

To give you a better service, sometimes we need your personal information. According to the Law of Germany, when you give us your personal information, we are committed to keeping your personal information safe and secure.

The website of 44tage.come may contain links to other websites under the ownership of a third-party organization. On such occasions, 44tage is Not responsible for those websites' content, and you are responsible for your visit.

Using this website and/or giving us your information permits us to use your personal information in the privacy policy ways.


  • What kind of information do we need?

When you apply for our services such as membership in the website, registration in the courses, newsletters, final tests, online meetings, and meetings with the lightkeepers, you might be asked for your personal information, including your email, postal address, cell, or phone number, birth date or other information related to your identity.

By filling in your information, you allow 44tage to offer you the services you have asked for.

We also use different types of cookies on the website. Cookies contain a small amount of information about your personalized preferences, and they allow us to give you an experience based on your own interest. You can change your browser's setting to 1- Accept the cookies, 2- Give notification while using, or 3- Never accept cookies.

We also use JavaScript and Active Scripting to improve the function of the 44tage website to help you have faster access to the website. We never use this technology to install software on your computer or to collect illegal information. Please enable this technology in your browser to allow the website to work properly. In most browsers, it is possible to disable or enable this property. To enable it, you can go to the setting of your browser.

In the same way, we record your IP address. (An IP address is a unique address that identifies a device on the internet or a local network.)


  • Legal age for using 44tage

If you are considered “Under the Legal Age” by the law of the country in which you are using the 44tage website, you can offer your personal information only by your parent or protector's permission. If you are a parent or protector of a person under the legal age and you give him/her permission to fill in their personal information on the website, it means that you have agreed to our Privacy Policy.


  • How does 44tage use my information?

44tage uses your personal information for several reasons, including official use to offer services. We might contact you to talk about the service you have applied for.

We will keep your information confidential, except for the cases they must/or are allowed to be revealed according to the law.

If you post offensive, abusive or inappropriate content on the website or other social networks owned by 44tage, or you do any disruptive activities, we might use your personal information to stop such activities.


  • How does 44tage protect my personal information?

We keep your personal information confidential and secure very seriously. All the data is preserved in the servers in Germany, other European Union countries, or the U.S.A. We use the latest data security technologies to prevent illegal disclosure, misuse, unwanted change, and illegal elimination of your information.

While transferring the data, they will be coded using Transport Layer Security and other technologies, and only a few trustworthy people have access to the information. Also, the hardware we use is preserved in a safe place to guarantee information security and confidentiality. We follow the same protocols of data security in all of the offices and local branches of 44tage. 


  • How long does 44tage keep my information?

We keep your information, including texts, photos, videos, etc., in our system as long as they are needed to offer service.


  • Change in our Privacy Policy

We keep working on the development and improvement of our services. Our rules regarding Privacy Policy may change according to the changes within a country's law or developments of technology. If there is a need to change our policy, we will keep you informed, and all the changes will be published on this page.